Quiz Wines & Spirits presents a portfolio with a multitude of Family Boutique Brands from a vast variety of Portuguese wine regions, ranging from a more local historical and traditional viticulture to a state-of-the-art organic or even biodynamic winemaking process, technical categorized as red wines, white wines, rosé wines, sparkling wines, green wines (vinho verde), sweet wines, Port wines and Moscatel.

Since its first day, Quiz Wines & Spirits felt the need to showcase unique boutique wines and unique boutique grape varieties of unquestionable quality, often less known by the market consumers. Grape varieties such as: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, Alicante Bouchet, Viosinho, Tannat are a perfect example of the singularity of our portfolio.

Our wines are not just for true wine experts but mainly for those who like to enjoy wine and a unique way of living.

Quiz Wines & Spirits拥有一系列來自葡萄牙各地區的家族精选品牌,採用历史悠久的本地葡萄栽培法以及世界领先的有机种植技术,甚至生物动力葡萄酒酿造技术。按不同种类分为:红葡萄酒,白葡萄酒,桃红葡萄酒,起泡葡萄酒,甜葡萄酒,和更独特的精选波特葡萄酒及麝香葡萄酒。
自一开始,Quiz Wines & Spirits渴望将最优质的葡萄酒和葡萄品种呈现给各位,然而它们品质却鲜为人知,葡萄品种譬如“国产多瑞加”,“国产弗兰卡”,“罗丽红”,“红巴罗卡”,“紫北塞”,“维奥西奥”以及“丹娜”,这些都是我们目录中最独特的典范。
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