In the bucolic Mountain of Fafe, in the heart of the beautiful province of Minho, the water of S. Martinho is born in its purest and wildest state. The water of S. Martinho originates from a flat spring characterised by its singular purity as well as a being a source of health and offering a stabilising effect to the body’s organism.
Greenery , freshness and purity are adjectives that are easily associated with Minho and not in vain. Minho has a lush greenery because of its soil rich in pure waters that spring from a number of sources. It is in these springs that the waters of S. Martinho are captured.
... Lighter, more modern , more attractive . São Martinho.
For those who like flavoured water ... pure water.
在Fafe的田园山中,在美丽的Minho省的中心,S. Martinho的水诞生于其最纯净的状态。 S.Martinho的水来自健康的来源,并为身体的生物功能提供稳定的效果。绿色,新鲜和纯净是米尼奥相关联的形容词,米尼奥有一个郁郁葱葱的绿色植物,因为它的土壤和丰富的纯水。 正是在这些泉水中,S.马丁尼的水被采用。
...更轻,更现代,更有吸引力。 圣马丁矿泉水。